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The Moncler brand is widely established in a small village in 1952 by Grenoble in France by Rene Ramillon. They started with the production of sleeping bags, but in 1954 they created their first Moncler local workers from the extreme weather conditions to protect.

Until 1968 Monclers jackets and clothes were so influential and advanced in their design, they asked, were the French winter Olympics team with clothing and equipment. Originally only Moncler double down jackets, but from 1972 and under the influence of the French team asked for a single down jacket that was lighter and more flexible and better suited to the requirements of the skiers were prepared production. These individual down jackets were known as Huascaran and Nepal, while the double down jackets were known as Karakorum.

By the 1980s Monclers jackets and dresses were no longer marketed only on the winter sports area and became a fashionable element, and people liked the stylish design and practical their makeup. This new section Push led the Italian fashion designer Remo Ruffini to buy the brand in of 2003. Since the brand was owned Italian fashion, the output has hard and took it now produces a range of moncler jackets women.
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